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Monitor competitors of your startup. Receive curated weekly updates.

RivalSense AI connects to 80+ public sources and curates competitor insights relevant to your business model

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Here's how it works

Input your competitors in 3 minutes. Let RivalSense AI do the hard work and send you updates each week.

Input competitors

Sign up, input competitors and select monitoring topics most relevant to your business

RivalSense AI connects to 80+ data sources

Every day we monitor company websites, Linkedin and Twitter accounts, company registers, job listings, news sites and other sources, picking up any interesting changes

Receive weekly e-mail or Slack updates

Every week you receive a curated, readable update with the most relevant competitor developments

You don't need another dashboard. You need valuable insights.

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Why RivalSense?

Focus on building your business instead of refreshing your competitor websites every week

Never miss that 1 important Linkedin post again

Stay on top of important product, hiring, expansion, pricing and marketing developments. RivalSense AI will surface important news when they appear online

Choose topics most relevant to your business, fine-tune along the way

We will prioritise areas that you have selected. If some insights are not interesting, just downvote, and we will adjust

You are busy. Business insights, not a data dump

Tools like Google Alerts flood you with irrelevant mentions. RivalSense AI synthesizes available data to show a short, crisp update of the most relevant insights

Wide range of non-traditional data sources

Changes in competitor websites, job listings, employee Linkedin and Twitter accounts, government registers and many more. RivalSense AI follows 80+ sources and adds new ones when relevant


Don't just take our word for it!

Founders and executives love RivalSense.
Here’s what they have to say.
I was truly blown away by the first weekly update I received. It had at least 4 unexpected, valuable insights that I immediately passed on to our Product Team and Sales team. It is amazing how RivalSense finds all these small interesting competitor details! Every week I get new ideas for improving our product.
Xenia Muntean
CEO at Planable


Clear, flexible pricing. Add companies as you go along


Additional plans with daily alerts, sales battlecards, suggested competitors, multiple seats per account and much more. Contact our Sales team to learn more

Focus on your business. Be aware of what the others are doing

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